About Primrose Floral 

Melissa Stewart, Founder of Primrose Floral 

Melissa Stewart, Founder of Primrose Floral 

Primrose Floral was officially launched in 2004 by the creative drive and experience of Melissa Stewart. Her 20 years working in the floral industry, jobs within the advertising & marketing corporate world and being surrounded by a family of unparalleled creative talent propelled her into an exciting, artistic venture. 

“Working with flowers is just the tip of the iceberg for me. I love to create things that are unexpected, beautiful, and of course, memorable. Whether it’s a grand affair, country wedding, or intimate dinner party, my creativity never stops short. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s beautiful. Everyone needs a little lovely in their life.” 

At Primrose we love to spend time visiting the local flower farms, walking the local parks, and taking trips to interesting and inspiring venues. Inspiration surrounds us in some of the most everyday places and we want to share that with you. Always fine tuning her craft, Melissa has spent time and built relationships with designers from all over the country. 

Many of the materials for our designs are gathered from a variety of sources. In the summertime we love to support local businesses by using flowers from local farms to the greatest extent possible. And, in the autumn and winter when flowers are not available locally, we have built relationships with growers throughout the country and the Boston Flower Exchange also affords access to fresh floral product from all over the world